Sunny Days – a little positivity.

Formby Beach.
Last minute adventure.
Warmth and Sun.
Ice-cream by the Sea.
When you’ve spent months trying to utilise all the techniques theraphy has given you to reduce stress and manage anxiety and then suddleny your brain suddenly decides to give you a day off! Today was far too nice to be stuck indoors and even my anxiety agreed to that, it hid itself away and decided that we should go play in the sun! Enter a last minute beach adventure, a relaxing car journey and some well deserved little treats to ‘sweeten’ the day up!

Today was an important day for me, I managed to not need to take any antianxiety medication. Fellow medicated sufferers out there will understand why this little achievementioned made me feel so proud. During the one moment when I found myself thinking “wait what if….” cognative therapy techniques managed to shut that down very damn quickly. I reached out to people in that moment, besisdes the person I was with to get as much help as possible to stop that one “what if” from steam rolling. Today I found out who was there to support me. Today was simply filled with very good feels! Don’t forget to comment which image was your favourite, because I would love to know!

Until my next blog post, I’ll see you all online! Charlotte x



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