These Far Away Friendships.

In the age were the internet is so vast and can connect so many different people over social media, it’s no suprise that most people have at least one friend/relationship started online. Then you have those who use the Internet to maintain a friendship after parting ways.

Last year, over instagram I became friends with a wonderful woman who is as adorably nerdy as I am! She currently lives Surrey while I live in Liverpool so while it’s not impossible it’s not as simple to meet up as I would like. Meeting her is something I’m dying to do by the way!

This year, my best friend will be moving to Taiwan and while she plans on returning home every five months or so…once again it won’t be as easy to meet up as it has been for us. There will be so much distance where I’ve been used to seeing her all the time, and while it will be a big change not having her in my daily life I’m proud of and happy for her.

I write about these friendships now because I realised, after receiving some lovely things from my favourite red headed instafriend that many people have friends who live quite a distance away and although it’s not always easy to deal with, it is still possible to maintain a strong friendship. Thank god for the internet! So here are a few quick tips for having a far away friendship…

2017-05-02 09.28.57

Keep regular contact.

My friends and I constantly text, it’s just nice to keep each other updated on what’s going on in our lives. I think it’s always important to have a few phone calls or Skype dates every so often as sometimes texting doesn’t feel as personal. My instafriend and I have even started sending eachother parcels and letters, so that’s a nice way to keep in contact also!

Start something together.

Create a collaborative Spotify playlist filled with all your favourite songs, this is great if you have similar music tastes but also a good way to introduce your friend to music you like that they may not have heard. Another idea would be to create a collaborative dropbox folder, this allows you to upload photos with each other from the times you met so you can look back on them or you could upload photos of things going on in your life when you’re apart. Start care packages, sending letter and little gifts you pick up thought out a few months and post them out in one big parcel!

Always have the next time you’re going to meet in the works.

This makes saying goodbye that little less painful, knowing when you’re going to see each other is so much better than saying goodbye not knowing if you’ll see each other  in a set time. Having a timeline tentatively in the works means that you can countdown to that date together and it makes it all so much more exciting. There is an app you can download that countdowns days to events that you put into it, it’s a cute customisable calender bascially. It’s named Countdown Plus Widgets Lite made by Apps Beyond LLC and it will be a cute way to keep track of when you’ve arranged another meet!

Remind your friend that although they’re far away you’ll always be there for them.

This is something to do on a regular basis, on the hard days your friend is having, it’s so nice to hear those words, knowing that someone misses you and cares for you is really special. Remember that friendship can stretch over any distance.

2017-05-02 09.28.57

Dealing with the distance can be difficult sometimes but what I have realised is that distance means so little when someone means so much, your going to have days were you feel cut off from your friend but maybe some of the ideas above will help you feel closer.

For now though, until my next post, I’ll see you all online! Charlotte x



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