Recipe – Breakfast Bowl/Overnight Oats

We have all had those days in our lives where brekfast has essentially been a Subway sandwich eaten at 2PM because we’ve either woke up too late to eat breakfast or we’ve been too busy to.

Honestly, I need FOOD in the morning. I’m not a ‘grab a bagel and go’ type if girl. If I’m not full I tend to snack constantly and end up over-eating.

These next few days I’m trying these Breakfast Bowls and Overnight Oats recipes and through I’d share with you my favourite two so far.


You will need –

  • Plain granola
  • Low fat yogurt/greek or plain
  • Natural runny honey
  • Fresh Blackberries
  • Fresh Blueberries


I don’t really know how to write “place everything in a bowl” within sounding a tad patronising, this is basically what I did the first day I made this bowl but I didn’t get and even mix of ingredients so switched things up a bit.


Place as much granola as you need/want into the bowl, layer a few spoonfuls of yogurt on top before drizzling a spoonful of honey across the yogurt. I like to add a little more granola on the top before placing my berris into the bowl.


You will need –

  • Quaker Oats (Rolled/Jumbo)
  • Milk (of your choice)
  • 1/4 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 large sliced fig
  • Several green apple slices
Combine the Quaker Oats with the milk and ground ginger in a clean jar and stir. Seal and refrigerate overnight.


In the morning, top with sliced fig and several apple slices. Enjoy your breakfast straightaway!

I ate this first time round with a lovely glass of apple juice in hopes it would compliment it but honestly, pinapple juice was wonderful with these overnight oats.

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