My Paper Town – June Favourites

June has been so busy that I have forgotten to post my favourite finds!! Well at least is not too late, June has been filled with a lot of mini adventures and some amazing personal wins for me when it comes to my mental health. Some of these finds are things I’ve picked up and things I’ve rewarded myself with throughout the month so…hope you enjoy!

2017-05-02 09.28.57

First up is a treat, after a fair few weeks of going out and exploring and being sociable and fighting off my anxiety as best I could, I decided to use some of my money on me and buy something that is….very much “me” It’s cute with a girush flair but also very subdued. I think it’s supposed to be worn as just a shirt but it’s very heavy and thick so I wear it as a jacket!

Jacket from New Look


The internet is amazing, and sites like etsy bring people with talent in crafting to the for front of the Web! I found this wonderful little shop that specialises in motivational tattoos, temporary ones for when you need a little boost. They help! Seriously! And for and extra cost (about £4) they ship your order next day and include a few cute extra goodies!

Self care package 


More recently I’ve been getting back into sketching as an anxiety relief and, truthfully I’ve missed it. I’m counting this as a ‘find’ for this month because I hadn’t been creative (outside of writing) for years and honestly it’s the best favourite find of the month!


Anyone who knows me is aware that I love anything Studio Ghibli related, and while our and about I came across these cute little tights that are based upon the character from My Neighbour Totoro. They’re a ‘thight’ (geddit?) fit and take a while of wriggling to get on but they’re just so darn worth it!

My Neighbour Totoro Tights

And that concludes this monthly favourites post, if you try any of the things I’ve written about then let me know in the comments and if you need any purchasing information let me know. Until my next post, see you all online. Charlotte x

2017-05-02 09.28.57cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-2017-04-09-08-26-36.jpg


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