My Paper Town : July Favourites

There’s been so many things this month,  items and cute little things. However the best thing I’ve found this month is a gain in confidence, in my ability to handle myself and my anxiety.

Don’t get me wrong, I have more off days then good days but I did something big, and I’m classing this as first ‘find’…Wimbledon! That’s right, I travelled to London and stayed overnight to spend the next day, in the heat and packed stands to watch tennis matches! I enjoyed every second (well bar the fact that travel tablets made me so sleepy on the way there) and no anxiety!

Wimbledon tickets


Helping me to relax when I’m not out adventuring, self care is key to not breaking down again completely. I found these hydrating sheet masks rather than my go to peel ones and they work wonders! When my skin dries out these make it super soft. Three in a week has a long lasting effect but I enjoy just the two and the softness lasts for a few weeks.

GARNIER moisture bomb mask

In the same range the Garnier Rose Water line has become a life save in keeping my skin looking and feeling healthy while I’ve been busy. It helps oil control but without turning my skin dry through extended use.

2017-09-13 10.18.05.jpg



And with that, these are the only things found in July that I really fell in love with. I hope you enjoyed this quick little monthly post and until my next post, see you online! Charlotte x

2017-05-02 09.28.57cropped-2017-04-09-08-26-36



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