If you need to, step back!

If there’s one thing about my mental health issues that winds me up, it is the need to be busy/dependable/useful. In the past I had consistently made myself ill by not stopping, by not slowing down and by sacrificing any free time I had to doing something. I lost so much weight a few years […]

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That hashtag, #bodypositive.

Strap in folks, your in for a long blog post all about treating yourself right! This will cover a few things, from the way your negative/anxious thoughts affect you to the whole #bodypositive hype (in search of a better word) All in all this post is about making sure you treat yourself right so that […]

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A momentary lapse

As I write this, I’m curled up in front of ‘Modern Family’ with a hot water bottle and anxiously/tiredly eating apple and rasin weetabix alonside a huge mug of tea (the weetabix are nice I swear). I’ve just finished making plans for the coming weeks and researching courses that I could do alongside working and […]

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