That hashtag, #bodypositive.

Strap in folks, your in for a long blog post all about treating yourself right! This will cover a few things, from the way your negative/anxious thoughts affect you to the whole #bodypositive hype (in search of a better word) All in all this post is about making sure you treat yourself right so that […]

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These Far Away Friendships.

In the age were the internet is so vast and can connect so many different people over social media, it’s no suprise that most people have at least one friend/relationship started online. Then you have those who use the Internet to maintain a friendship after parting ways. Last year, over instagram I became friends with […]

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The quotes on paper

Today I thought I’d write about my most favourite quotes. Yes, I am that person who absolutely loves quotes, I find some of them to be very inspiring, relatable and motivational, I love that aspect of quotes. This post might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those of you who are reading, I […]

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A momentary lapse

As I write this, I’m curled up in front of ‘Modern Family’ with a hot water bottle and anxiously/tiredly eating apple and rasin weetabix alonside a huge mug of tea (the weetabix are nice I swear). I’ve just finished making plans for the coming weeks and researching courses that I could do alongside working and […]

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Struggling with self care?

The truth is with mental illness that sometimes you can take all your medication, try to think positively about your situation and do absolutely everything you’ve been told to do, and everything will still just feel completely and utterly awful. It’s pure helplessness wrapped up in mental overdrive. Your brain then goes into complete overdrive […]

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